Green-Schools ireland

Green-Schools Ireland, co-ordinated by An Taisce and operating in over 90% of Irish Schools, is an environmental programme in which pupils work together and alongside management to encourage and maintain environmentally-friendly habits whilst promoting positive whole-school practice.  This programme is of increasing importance in raising awareness of a wide range of environmental issues.

When a Green-Schools committee is formed it begins to investigate how a school is addressing environmental issues within a specific theme before implementing actions and reviewing progress throughout the year.

The Green-Schools committee also highlights links with the curriculum and works to inform and involve the wider school community in change initiatives wherever possible.  Notable recent initiatives include recycling projects, looking at the energy efficiency of the school, informing pupils about sustainable fashion, and reducing single-use plastic in school. 

The Green-Schools committee meets before school on Mondays and is open to any pupil who is enthusiastic about environmental issues.  It is currently focused on attaining the next Green flag which addresses the theme of "Travel" at The High School.

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Mr A McBrien