Study Skills


Everyone will have their own preferred way to study and learn. You might be surprised that it can take a while to work out what suits each person best.  To help you identify how you like to learn, log on to and complete the questionnaire which will suggest what style of learning you may prefer.

In reality, most people believe it is best to use a combination of learning styles with your preference being used more often.  It can therefore be useful in terms of study tips to tailor your method so that it leans towards your preference.

  • Visual learners tend to remember spider diagrams with shapes and colours
  • Auditory learners are most likely to remember key words best and should speak the facts out loud
  • Kinaesthetic learners need to do and move – use body movements to aid memory
  • Repeat all material thoroughly as many times as you can.

Despite individual inclination regarding learning styles, research advises that:

  • Since 80% of new knowledge is lost 24 hours after it is required, continual review is recommended.  If you continue to revisit prior learning, your understanding of any topic becomes much richer and deeper links between areas of study can be understood.
  • You should work for 20 minutes at a time and then take at least a 5 minute break.


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