Modern Languages



French debating team (Les Joutes Oratoires)    Black Forest Gateau (eine Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte)


Ms A Stevenson (Subject Co-ordinator)
Mr R Giles
Ms A Horan
Ms S Lally
Mlle E Roullet
Ms A Rugg

Subject Overview

The Modern Languages Department is uniquely placed to develop a range of skills and capabilities in preparing pupils for life and work in Ireland and abroad.

Key Skills

 * Listening, speaking, reading and writing in the chosen target language

* Participate in a range of activities in the target language in the classroom and in normal everyday transactions

* Communicate effectively, both in spoken and written form with native French/German/Spanish speakers

* Develop critical awareness of how meaning is organized and conveyed by the structures and vocabulary of the target language

* Extract information and derive enjoyment from the mass media and literature of the target language

* Increase cultural awareness of the countries where the target language is spoken

* Use Information Technology where appropriate


* Help pupils develop strategies for effective language learning

* Consider as a realistic option the possibility of pursuing leisure activities, further study and /or career opportunities through the medium of the target language

* Fulfil the entrance requirements for certain University courses

* Encourage cross curricular links with other subjects e. g. History, Geography, other Modern Languages, English and Irish

Junior Cycle 

The Junior Certificate curriculum is followed. Details are available by clicking here.  

In 1st 2nd and 3rd Year, optional subjects are divided into 2 groups (Option 1 and Option 2) and each pupil chooses one subject from each option. French is offered in both options and German is offered in one option. Pupils choose their optional subjects in 1st Year and they continue with the same subjects in 2nd and 3rd Year. In 1st Year, pupils have 4 class periods (40 minutes each) per week. In 2nd and 3rd Year, 5 class periods are allocated.

Form 4 - Transition Year programme

French, German and Spanish can be studied. Optional subjects are divided into 4 groups (A B C D). Each pupil chooses 1 subject in each option. Languages are offered in 2 of the optional groups. French and Spanish are offered in Option A. French and German are offered in Option B. 3 classes per week are allocated to Language classes.

Transition Year Curriculum


A modular approach is used. Each pupil studies 6 modules which are based on topics of current interest and a novel. Various assessment methods are used including making a film and a presentation.


Emphasis is placed on the oral, aural and cultural aspects with a view to participating in an exchange during the Summer holidays.


This is a beginners’ class. By the end of the year, if pupils have acquired sufficient proficiency, they may choose to study Spanish for the Leaving Certificate. 

Senior Cycle

The Leaving Certificate curriculum is followed. Details can be found by clicking here

In 5th and 6th Year, optional subjects are divided into 5 groups (V W X Y Z) and each pupil chooses one subject in each option. Languages are offered in 3 of the options. French and German are in Option Z. French is the only language in Option W and Spanish is the only language in Option X.

5 class periods per week are allocated to Language classes.

Career Opportunities


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Youth Work 

Additional Information

 Pupils are encouraged to participate in Inter-School Competitions. They have entered quizzes, Les Joutes Oratoires (French Debating Competition) essay competitions and a film competition.

The French Theatre For Schools Company has visited the school.

School trips have taken place to France and Germany.

During the European Day of Languages, pupils have performed in French and German in School Assembly. Quizzes were organized in the School Library.

At the School Carol Service, pupils have performed in French, German, and Spanish.